VED Token

-- Ved Token is binance Smart Chain Base BEP-20 Contract,

-- Ved Token Uses in Rising Fund For Indian Crypto StartUp, Trading NFT, Donation

-- In First Sell All buyer of (VedShoka) NFT Get Mistry amount of Ved Token Gift Box each NFT

-- Max Supply is Deciding Base On Indian Population Right Now Population of India is 1,366,400,000/- (2019) (136.64 crore)

-- 50% supply lock and reserved for 2 year in VedShoka foundation for poor & orphan children

-- Max supply :- 1,366,400,000 VED

---> Working On

-- We Are Developing Indian BSC Base NFT Community and Incease The NFT and VED Token Demand in India

-- Collaboration With Indian Famous Artiest

-- Upcoming Project is Pencil Face

-- partnership With Door To Delivery Company for delivered physical Art With

-- applying for many launch Pad for Rising Fund more Developing Community for NFT Project and VED Token

---> Social Community

-- Telegram community :-

-- Instagram community :-

Premium Art

StartUp Fund

Gift Box

Community AirDrop

Collaboration and Partnership

50% Supply Locked

Donation Box

Limited Token Supply